Last week many users were complaining that they were having trouble accessing Apple’s Developer Portal. The company later confirmed through an email that it had actually been hacked and that to prevent any further loss of information, they had shut it down. Now after eight days of being offline, the Developers Portal is back online.

A self titled Turkish security researcher, Ibrahim Balic, claimed that he was behind the hack. He said that he found 13 bugs, which he reported to Apple. According to him, one bug allowed him to access information about users of the portal. It was claimed that information of as many as 100,000 users had been collected, the researcher said information of 73 users, who were Apple employees, was sent to the company as a proof. Balic said that his intention was not to cause any harm or damage. Apple didn’t comment on Balic’s story, they only confirmed that some information had indeed been leaked. Nevertheless, the debacle is over now. The system has been completely overhauled and it is quite likely that those bugs have been taken care of.

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