The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted a new patent to Apple today. Titled “Image capture using luminance and chrominance sensors,” the patent describes using three sensors to improve photo color quality in a mobile device. Out of these three, one sensor would be for luminance whereas the other two would be for chrominance, this would allow the camera to capture better color detail in photos taken through the mobile device.

Chrominance define’s an object’s color whereas luminance is the measure of amount of light that an object reflects. Luminance from the first and chrominance from the other two sensors would be combined to form a single image in which colors would be reproduced in a much better way. This means that the result of that photograph would be unlike what today’s iOS devices are capable of. Apple has already been granted another patent earlier this month which describes combining two or more sensors in a mobile device in order to improve photo quality. As is the case with patented technologies, one can’t be sure when the technology will be implemented in future devices. [Image via CNET]

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