Apple-sign-logo110712125041When it comes to renewable energy, there are many routes that a particular company can take, and one of the most common routes would be to settle for solar and wind energy, although the yield is still far from being as optimal as that of nuclear or coal energy, but hey – at the very least these sources are clean, so to speak, and they are renewable. With great strides made in the solar energy department, you know for sure that things are going to go on the up and up where efficiency is concerned, and Apple knows this, which is why they have targeted a 137 acre site that will be powered by a 20MW solar array.

This 20MW solar array, when completed, will be located adjacent to its upcoming Reno, Nevada data center, and the new system comprises of solar panels as well as mirrored concentrators, and they will be dotted across the 137 acre site in order to increase the power density at the location. Apple is not going at it alone, however, as they will be co-operating with Nevada energy company NV Energy, where solar company SunPower will also come into the picture for the build. Apple and SunPower are no strangers to one another, as they have worked together in the past on the solar array that was located in Maiden, North Carolina.

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