ios7Remember our report from yesterday where a retailer in India was reportedly selling iPhone 5 units with iOS 7 beta installed on it? Sure it’s a great way for non-iOS developers to try out the operating system without having to establish a developer account, but at the same time we guess Apple might be worried that the beta might not provide an accurate experience of the operating system upon its final release, and could cause some customers to judge the update prematurely. To that extent it has been reported that Apple’s management has begun to crack down on retail staff’s use of the iOS 7 beta, where a recent memo was reportedly sent out reading, “You may not load iOS beta software onto any other person’s iOS device. Employees are not authorized to receive iOS beta software from any third parties, even if those third parties are iOS Developer Program members.”

It has also been reported that it is possible that staff who show customers iOS 7 running on their phones could even get fired due to an NDA clause in their contracts. Managers are also reportedly telling Genius Bar staff not to service any phone that is brought in and is found running the iOS 7 beta. It’s a bit harsh but then again, the iOS 7 beta was designed for developers in mind, not the public, so if you were thinking about getting your hands on the update illegally, you might want to think twice especially since it seems that Apple might not be willing to entertain you if something goes wrong!

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