apple-a6-processorGiven Apple and Samsung’s legal battle with one another, it’s not surprising we’ve been hearing rumors that Apple is looking to reduce their reliance on Samsung for a number of their components, such as Apple’s AX chipsets for one. A recent report had suggested that TSMC had won the bid to start manufacturing processors for Apple next year, supposedly that of the A8 variety which is said to make its debut in the next-generation iPhone.

However according to a recent rumor, it seems that Apple’s reliance on Samsung is a lot harder to shake off than one would think, and that apparently while TSMC will be supplying the A8 chipsets to Apple, TSMC will be the one who will be manufacturing Apple’s A9 processor come 2015. Given Samsung’s size and status, we can only guess that it is their ability to meet Apple’s demands and yields which has kept them around, although we’re not sure if this relationship will continue post-A9, or if Apple and Samsung have grudgingly admitted that they both need each other.

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