Apple TV has been making some serious moves over the past couple of months as Apple’s little set-top-box that could has received HBO GO, WatchESPN the CW and is reportedly nearing a deal with Time Warner Cable to bring its programing to the service, and today, a new rumor suggesting Apple may be working on an ad-skipping service has surfaced.

According to an anonymous sources speaking with the WSJ’s Jessica Lessin, Apple is rumored to be in discussions with a number of television providers concerning a new premium subscription service that would allow Apple TV users the ability to watch live programming and even be able to auto-skip commercials. Apple TV currently only allows its users to access media they’ve purchased from iTunes, watch video through third-party services and use AirPlay to watch content from their OS X or iOS device. This move would finally make Apple TV a “real” set-top-box which would allow its users to not only access live programming, but also automatically skip commercials.

If this rumor turns out to be true, we’d be curious to see what Apple would charge in order to be able to access both live television programming as well as being able to automatically skip commercials. Hopefully it’s a cost that can be considered to be fair as paying something like $50 per month would probably be a deal breaker for most people.

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