For gamers who want to feel a bit old, did you know that ArenaNet’s Guild Wars MMORPG is eight years old? While the game is “younger” compared to its rival, World of Warcraft, the game’s sequel was launched last year instead of following in WoW’s footsteps which saw a steady release of expansions, ultimately keeping the game “alive” and refreshed. So with the release of Guild Wars 2, does that mean that ArenaNet will eventually shut the doors to the first Guild Wars? Well it looks like those who stil enjoy the original game will not have to worry as according to the game’s developers, the game technically could run “forever”.

This is according to lead content designer, Mike Zadarojny who spoke to the folks at Eurogamerand revealed that this was possible thanks to automated support features that have been added to the game. “We’ve been doing a lot of automation support so that the game itself could last forever, even without anybody really touching it […] They’re not necessarily making new content right now but there is a team that is monitoring if there are massive issues they’re taken care of, and they’re supporting them.” 

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