gw2While some gamers might be of the casual sort, logging onto their MMORPGs just to play for a few hours, catch up with friends and guild mates before calling it a night. Others are of the more hardcore variety, playing hours of end, only catching a few hours of sleep before logging back on, and who might be constantly reading forums for strategies and tips. Well if you think you fall into the latter category, it seems that the folks at ArenaNet have opened up the API to Guild Wars 2, essentially allowing developers and players of the game to ultimately create their own tools that they think could be of use to other gamers.

At the same time we wouldn’t be surprised if opening up the API could help free up some time for the developers at ArenaNet who could then focus on the more core aspects of the game. According to lead content designer, Mike Zadorojny, the API tools are said to be extensive to the point where gamers can even create mobile apps that tie in with the game, although we’re not sure to what extent the tie-in will be. Zadorojny went on to state that at the moment, fans of the game are working on a Google Maps of the world of Tyria, even allowing gamers to zoom in to individual map levels. Sounds pretty cool and we can’t wait to see what sort of tools developers and gamers can come up with! Any ideas?

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