A video that aims at providing an easy to understand view of what happened with the Asiana 214 flight has been posted on Youtube channel John Suchocki, who according to his online CV (pdf link), is a licensed pilot and a computer graphics professional, which seems to be the ideal skillset to build this video. We were not able to verify his identity, but the video seems credible enough for us to discuss.

The CG footage provides a clear idea of what John Suchocki thinks happened at the moment of the landing: Asiana flight 214 (in white) was flying too low, and the tail would have impacted with the landing strip. The force of the collision would have sent the plane into an uncontrolled motion, which resulted in a severe crash which happened on July 6 2013. The blue plane in the video is a “ghost” plane that shows where the plane “should have been” for a normal landing.

The author used the data publicly available as of July 10th to compile this video, which is the 3rd update to this project. The audio communication with the airport tower has been integrated as well, but the synchronization should not be considered perfect, since there is currently not enough data to make it so. Authorities may release that information in the future.

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