Underage drinking is a serious problem, one that’s compounded by the fact fake IDs aren’t exactly hard to come by. Bars, clubs and liquor stores have a responsibility to ensure that alcohol is not served to anyone who is underage, but fake Ids are widely used to get around the regulation. A new app has been released that is capable of spotting fake IDs, it can scan licenses from every U.S. state and even Canadian provinces. This will no doubt make it hard for underage people to get away easily.

Called barZapp, it can scan the barcode on an ID through the iPhone’s camera to determine whether it is legit. The app will also provide additional information such as owner’s height, weight, date of birth and even the eye color. The IDs expiration date will also be shown. barZapp will even show the visitor’s history at that particular location, making it much easier for bouncers and bartenders to determine who is trying to give them a slip. The app comes with two packages, $1.99 lets users scan 10 IDs a day, where’s a $19.95 monthly subscriptions lets them scan unlimited IDs throughout the month.

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