bbiqAnyone can pretty much throw meat onto a BBQ and call it cooking (or barbecuing, if you’d rather), but there is definitely an art and science to it that will result in delicious food that isn’t burnt on the outside and uncooked in the middle, and while there is technology out there that allows BBQ chefs to check the temperature of the meat they are cooking, Kickstarter project BBiQ is hoping to take things to the next level by giving your BBQ a “brain”.

Basically as you can see in the image above, BBiQ looks like your standard temperature measurement tool where probes are stuck into the meat to determine whether it is cooked or not. However that’s not all BBiQ has in mind, and thanks to a companion smartphone app which pairs via Bluetooth, BBiQ will be able to tell you when it is time to turn the meat, when it is time to take it off, and will even help you out when you have multiple meats going at once, such as telling you how long to wait before putting the next meat on the grill. In fact it even goes as far as suggesting when is the right time to season the food, giving novice BBQ chefs a chance at creating something delicious.

It sounds like a great idea and a pledge of $29 will net you the device upon its successful funding and production, and at this time of posting they have managed to raise $3,000 out of $75,000.

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