Belkin WeMo Light Switch Now Available

belkin-wemoNormally when the name Belkin crops up in a story or conversation, you can be sure that the attention would be focused on the various networking products that the company have come up with in the past. Well, this time around, Belkin has announced that their WeMo Light Switch is now available, where it will deliver a new layer of innovation to the WeMo smart home platform which was made available for pre-order slightly more than a year ago, and of course, it was subsequently shipped.

Just what does the WeMo Light Switch do? It so happens to be a Wi-Fi connected light switch which enables one to remotely access and manage an entire bank of household lights – never mind where you are, as long as you are connected to the WeMo app. Connecting the WeMo Light Switch to a current electrical wiring is as easy as replacing an existing light switch. Once in place and hooked up to the home’s Wi-Fi network, you are then able to gain access to the free WeMo app as you remotely control your home’s lighting fixtures – at least all those WeMo Light Switches. The WeMo Light Switch would retail for $49.99 a pop, so outfitting the entire house might be an expensive endeavor to pursue. [Product Page]

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