Bing Introduces Licensing Filter For Image SearchNormally, when one wants to search for something, one would automatically “Google it”, so to speak, and most of the time, Google would be the search engine of choice to get this particular task done. The thing is, how many people would give Google a miss and settle for a different search engine? Surely there are pockets of Bing users here and there, but today’s announcement by Bing of Microsoft might help tip a few more users over to their cause in the long run, especially for online writers who do not want to get into trouble when it comes to using images on their site.

From today onwards, one is able to “search by license” on Bing Images, which makes life a whole lot easier for those who want to look out for, or sort images that will be based on their usage rights as well as Creative Commons license terms. All you need to do is set the filter options in Bing Images, and voila – feel free to search for the ideal photo that you want.

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