bing-secretGoogle has Google Now, while Apple has led the way with Siri some years back, where this does lead one to wonder – what does Microsoft have to say about the entire situation? Certain folk claim that TellMe, a service which is available on the Windows Phone platform as well as other Microsoft products might be an idea worth looking into, but it seems that TellMe is not as relevant any more since it has been replaced by Bing. Bing could very well work out to be Microsoft’s secret weapon in this battle royale.

Stefan Weitz, director of Bing Search, recently explained on how Microsoft is currently working to position themselves in a place where Bing is capable of going up against Apple and Google where personal digital assistance is concerned. Underneath the public facade of Bing would be the Satori engine, and it is this engine that Microsoft will crunch all data gathered, with the ultimate goal of transforming Satori into “the world’s largest repository of knowledge”. Hmmm, isn’t the World Wide Web that already? Hopefully Bing will continue to remain secure down the road with the amount of information it has collected.

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