bioshock-dlcBioShock Infinite, a game that was released on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC earlier this year, has broken new ground in the world of gaming then, but there is more to the game than that as two different sets of downloadable content has also been announced to inject new life into BioShock Infinite. The first one, known as Clash in the Clouds has been made available to the masses today. Clash in the Clouds happens to be a rather challenging, battle arena-style event that has been modeled after the game’s tough 1999 mode, where you are required to dispatch of your enemies under selected conditions, where the cash that you obtain after achieving such objectives can be used to further unlock more bonuses that range from audio files to concept art.

Levine shared, “So I thought, maybe we can do something where we give the player the opportunity to just play with the full toolset, and all of the powers and upgrades and everything, and create far more challenging gameplay for them. So with that in mind, we gathered up the people really specialized in combat on Infinite and essentially told them the gloves were off, you guys can make whatever you want.”

As for the second DLC, it will take place in the city of Rapture and comprises of a two-part outing that will be called “Burial at Sea.”

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