BlackBerry Playbook Will No Longer Receive Significant Updates

blackberry-playbook--01So we know that the BlackBerry Playbook will not be getting an update to BlackBerry OS 10, which we’re sure disappointed many loyal customers, and it seems that in addition to that, it seems that apart from possible security and bug fixes and regular maintenance updates, the tablet will no longer see any significant updates. This was confirmed by BlackBerry’s VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, who revealed this piece of bad news via his Twitter account. Saunders goes on to defend BlackBerry’s CEO’s decision not to update the tablet to OS 10, claiming that owners of the tablet will not be happy were it updated.

BlackBerry has yet to launch a newer tablet in the recent years, at least nothing that would put it back into the tablet game, and with this piece of news it seems that Playbook owners are pretty much left with the tablet they bought a couple of years ago. We’re not sure what BlackBerry’s future plans are for the Playbook or if there will be a successor, but for now don’t expect anything new. Any Playbook owners out there devastated by this piece of news, or are you not surprised given how old the tablet is?

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