FDG8AV376WZN1374108043179Game collectibles come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from limited edition boxed sets, to plushies, and in the case of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft MMORPG, if you wanted a rather unique collectible, a children’s story book of the game has been revealed during Comic-Con this week.  The book, titled “Snowfight”, was written by none other than Blizzard’s Senior VP of story and franchise development, Chris Metzen, who has also helped voice characters in Blizzard’s universe of games, and was illustrated by Blizzard artist, Wei Wang.

The inspiration for the book came about when Metzen realized that his kids pretty much grew up alongside World of Warcraft, and to help younger children understand the World of Warcraft universe, its lore, and its characters, a children’s book was developed which we guess would be easier to grasp compared to Wiki pages. According to Metzen, “There was just something about these ideas… that just felt really fun and like getting back to basics.” No word on whether the book will be a Comic-Con exclusive or if it will be made available through the Blizzard store at a later date, but it’s something we’re sure many World of Warcraft fans wouldn’t mind getting their hands on.

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