If you live in a home or apartment where your overall space is confined, you’ll know how difficult it can be to just own furniture. We’re sure you’ve purchased a single piece of furniture, like a small dining room table, and have used it for multiple purposes, but a new multi-function furniture system can not only offer more variety in what you use it for, but it can also be put away when not used as it fits into a small carrying case.

Boxed was created by Scottish designer Tyrone Stoddart as a way to offer multiple uses for a single piece of furniture, and that’s exactly what it does as it can be turned into a number of pieces of furniture as it includes a desk, stools, a coffee tablet and a lamp. When you’re done with all of your furniture, you can simple fold them up and place them into Boxed’s small carrying case.

Boxed isn’t an actual product that you can buy in a store or online, which is a real shame as we could certainly see something like this being used in a number of countries where buying a single piece of furniture would cost them a fortune. Hopefully something like this will actually become a product one day, and as a result, will give people some of the more simple amenities we use on a regular basis.

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