Breaking up with someone? There’s an app for that – not my words, this is how the developers of BreakupText describe their app. Technology is now rooted deep within many aspects of life, and it goes without saying that technology is perhaps one of the major reasons why most couples break up in the first place. Nevertheless, if its not the clandestine texts from a lover than get you in to trouble, some people just find it hard to break up with someone face to face or even compose a text message that gets their point across. As mentioned at the very beginning, now there’s an app for that.

The app has tailored solutions for both men and women. They can choose from ‘I lost interest’ and ‘I found someone else’ to much more humorous options such as ‘I got eaten by a bear.’ The texts that this app generates contains very fine examples so as to make the text believable, though obviously if you go with the eaten-by-bear option no one is going to believe that. Breaking up via text message isn’t an alien concept, it is actually quite the norm these days. The developers say that BreakupText lets people avoid awkward conversations as they finally decide to go their separate ways.

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