Martial artist Bruce Lee has been dead for nearly 40 years, but Johnnie Walker has decided it’s about time his likeness was brought back to the land of the living to help sell alcohol.

The 90-second commercial first aired in China on July 7 and is promoting Johnnie Walker Blue Label. The commercial features Bruce Lee has been brought back using computer-generated imagery (or CGI for short) where he shares some of his philosophical views in Mandarin. The CGI Bruce Lee also shares what it’s like to be considered a legend, which at the end of the commercial, it looks like he shares his legendary status with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

The commercial is remarkable as it does a very good job at bringing what looks to be a life-like representation of Bruce Lee, but the commercial been considered controversial as most fans of the martial artist knows he never drank alcohol. We’re not sure what hoops Johnnie Walker had to go through in order to use Bruce Lee’s likeness in their commercial, but we have a feeling they went through all of the proper channels, as well as informing his family, of the inclusion in their commercial. At least, we hope they did.

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