call-of-duty-ghosts-pre-e3The Call of Duty franchise is one that has been running for quite some time already, and not only that, it looks set to continue with a strong run this coming November 5th, as folks do look out for a new and highly anticipated multiplayer mode that can only be found in Call of Duty: Ghosts. For folks who have faith in the finished product even before it rolls out, those who have already placed a pre-order for the game will be on the receiving end of the Free Fall downloadable bonus map, where the Free Fall map will boast of a new dynamic map event mechanic. Free Fall would let gamers encounter ever changing environments that ought to see new gameplay dynamics give even seasoned gamers a run for their money.

For example, Free Fall will drop players into a shattered skyscraper that is tethering on the brink of collapse, where you will have to perform sideways staircase climbs to get around, while elevator shafts run along the ground. The ruined skyscraper would not remain static, but it will continue to fall throughout the match, and each drop brings with it additional shockwaves that result in even more destruction, working to disrupt sightlines while evolving paths and chokepoints as the map alters itself in real-time.

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