We know how important it is to play a game of foosball at any time of the day, especially if you’re a guy just hanging out with his fellow bros at the office. Dedicating an entire area to a full-sized foosball is something not everyone has the luxury of being able to do, which is why this compact foosball table seems like a perfect idea for anyone who not only wants to grab a game within their confined space, but also nearly anywhere since the table is completely mobile.

Bordbar created its compact foosball table by turning food and bar trolleys you’d normally see making their way up and down the aisle of the airplane into a number of custom pieces of furniture. One of those pieces just so happens to be this compact foosball table which can be wheeled to and from your competitors, making taking on all comers that much easier.

The compact foosball table will set you back $2,100, which means you’re probably going to want to take your game of foosball serious if you want to consider purchasing this table. Or, you could also be filthy rich and want a new toy for one of your homes.

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