starwars-attack-squadronAre you still reeling from the disturbance in the Force when you heard that Disney has purchased Lucasfilm, and with it, word that a seventh film of the Star Wars franchise is in the works? Well, assuming Disney would make a great job out of it, there is hope yet. Still, there is a massive number of Star Wars material to make use of by Disney, be it for games or movies, and the latest bit of news surrounding Star Wars would have something to do with games. Apparently, Disney has already registered a slew of domain names that are related to an upcoming project known as Star Wars: Attack Squadrons.

Who knows, it could very well be a game-and-cartoon movie series tie in, no? The registrations by Disney has more or less covered all possible variations of “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons,” and some of them include,,,,,, and among others. Do you prefer it to be a game, movie, or cartoon?

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