Games for smartphones are a dime a dozen, but if you’re looking for something a little more unique and challenging, Ear Monsters might be worth checking out. The game is pretty straightforward in the sense that you basically need to kill monsters that appear from the wormholes. At the start it is pretty obvious and simple since you basically just need to tap on the monsters as they appear, but later is when things start to get interesting because the monsters become invisible and that’s when you will need your sense of hearing to figure out where they are!

The game will rely on 3D audio so that means you will need a pair of headphones to fully enjoy the experience – either that or a really good set of speakers and a quiet room to play the game in. The game will ease you into the experience by providing visual and audio cues, but as it progresses, the visual cues are removed and all you’re left with is audio. It is definitely an interesting concept and if you want a game on your phone that offers up a bit of a challenge and a change of pace, you can get your hands on the app via the iTunes App Storefor $1.99.

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