Now that an exploit has been discovered in Google Glass, you may be considering giving up on the dream of owning a pair of specs that can provide a wearable computer experience as Glass does. But maybe all you need is an alternative pair of glasses, which is where GlassUp comes in.


GlassUp is a smartphone-connected pair of glasses that is able to display e-mails, social media updates as well as messages, news and additional data directly in front of the users’ eyes, all through a low-powered Bluetooth. GlassUp is currently only a device that can receive data as it isn’t possible to communicate with it through voice input nor is there a camera attached that can take pictures or videos. The projected screen is also in monochrome and appears in the center of the users’ field of vision, which is definitely a step below Google Glass’ color projection that is available just above the users’ line of sight.

GlassUp is expected to be made available around the same time as Google Glass, although it’ll come at a much lower price of $399 and will have a longer battery life, a total of 150 hours of standby time and 8 hours of normal usage.

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