Google has published a new frequently asked questions a.k.a FAQ page online in which it features extensive details about Google Glass. Its definitely a good read for those who know little about this wearable gadget, as well as for those people who want to read up on the technical details. Google Glass is the company’s wearable technology offering, currently it is only available to a specific group of people who are called Google Glass Explorers.

The new FAQ page is divided in to four sections, the first one has answer to basic questions such as what is Google Glass, what can it do and when will it be released to the public. Second section contains details about the specifications, the screen’s look, options for people who wear prescription glasses and more. The third section has been dedicated to privacy. Ever since the device was introduced, many people have voiced privacy concerns. The company details how non-users can ascertain when they’re being photographed or taped by Glass wearers, apart from touching on other privacy related topics. In the last section Google details its software plans, it also talks about the plans for third party apps on Google Glass.

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