Google Invests In Google Glass Manufacturing CompanyWhen you have as much money as Google, gobbling up companies that own technology which you want is a whole lot easier than to come up with everything from scratch. Well, having said that, it has been reported that Google has already snapped up a 6.3% stake in Himax Displays. How does Himax Displays figure into the entire picture? Well, for starters, this transaction will first need to be approved by regulatory and governmental agencies before it is a done deal, but should it go through, it would also mean that Google has the option to increase its ownership in the company to 14.8% through the course of the next year. Basically, Himax Displays happens to be a subsidiary of Himax Technologies, where they manufacture small displays, including those that are used for Google Glass.

According to Himax Displays, it will make use of this investment as a seed fund when it comes to production of Liquid Crystal on silicon chips, which will then see action on head mounted devices, head-up displays, pico projectors and the like. It seems that Google’s investment has amounted to approximately $20 million to $40 million, as nothing detailed was revealed.

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