gta-5-gameplay-trailerHideo Kojima’s Fox Engine is pretty stunning as we have seen in several examples. However we’re not sure if Kojima is truly unsatisfied or if he’s just being extremely humble, but it seems that Metal Gear Solid’s creator confessed to be “depressed” after watching the gameplay trailer of Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 video game which is pegged for a release later this year. In a series of tweets, Kojima wrote, “GTA V new trailer was awesome! This free control is future of the game, way higher than anywhere, makes me depress as matter fact. I don’t think our “V” can reach that level. Rockstar’s team are the best. W/o question they will pull up the possibility of game.” We have to say that based on what we know and have seen from either titles, they are equally stunning visually, and with both games sporting different types of gameplay, it’s hard to say which one will play better, especially since each title will probably appeal to a different type of gamer. What do you guys think? Does Kojima have anything to be “depressed” about, or do you think that Rockstar might have one-up Kojima and Metal Gear Solid 5?

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