Gymnasts are extremely flexible and agile athletes, and they certainly do wow us ordinary folks – especially when you see them compete at the Olympics. Will robots ever gain such capability to match humans when it comes to the pommel horse or gymnastic rings routine? Perhaps not in the near future for sure, but we do know better than to despise small beginnings. Check out the video of little Hinamitetu above, as this robot gymnast should pleasantly surprise you with its routine.

Of course, this is to say that Hinamitetu is far from perfect, but it is a start and a step in the right direction. The video above does depict tiny Hinamitetu to successfully perform a quadruple backflip, and land without losing its balance – which is extremely commendable. After all, for a human to do that is already very difficult and requires plenty of training, talent and determination. What are some of the more impressive robots that you have seen in the past, which you think would also have the kind of athletic talent that the Hinamitetu possesses? It would be interesting to see such a small robot play the role of an infiltrator on behalf of the government…

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