htc-8x-review--26Do you remember on how we talked about the GDR2 update that was targeted for a 22nd July release on T-Mobile’s HTC 8X, as well as it being tested for T-Mobile’s Nokia Lumia 810? Well, it seems that there are some owners of the HTC 8X who have already applied the GDR2 update for Windows Phone 8, where they complained that their respective handsets froze – just as though Iceman came into the room and blew a draught of cold air, and the entire handset stopped working. Most of the time, this happened when some music was played back in the background, and considering how it is impossible to remove the HTC 8X’s battery for a reset, the recommended key combination where you press on power while holding the volume down is the backup plan – except that it did not work this case. Others who decided to go ahead with a full battery drain also claimed that the issue was not solved.

Good thing that this issue does not affect a slew of HTC 8X owners, but for it to occur is serious enough, and we do hope that T-Mobile subscribers who own the HTC 8X will be more wary with this update when tomorrow arrives. As it stands, it remains to be seen just what HTC and Microsoft will cobble together to ensure that their handsets will continue working.

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