embedded-instagramPhoto-sharing service Instagram intends to make life easier for its millions of users when it comes to sharing your favorite photos as well as videos on the Internet. After all, there is nothing quite like a particular photo going viral, and it would be an even greater honor should that photo end up on sites like 9gag.com or 4chan that uses your photo as the base for a new meme. Having said that, newer app updates are always about improvements and upgrades, and so the same can be said for Instagram that has added Web embeds into its roll call of services.

With Web embed, it would enable users to take a special block of text which one can then paste into a blog, article or web site. Right now, this particular Web embed service is made available only to users with public profiles, and for good reason, too, since you might have trouble when anonymous accounts start to pop up and run havoc all over the place. All content will be shown in the same manner as that of Instagram’s web site, where one is able to check out who uploaded the photo or video, in addition to sharing their comments and likes in a different area.

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