iPhone 5 With iOS 7 Beta Offered By Retailer In India


For regular iPhone users, to get your hands on iOS 7 would mean that you would have to wait until the fall which is when the latest iOS update is expected to be release, but over in India it seems that you will be able to purchase an iPhone 5 which will come with the latest iOS 7 beta installed! The good news is that the retailer isn’t charging and arm and a leg for the iPhone 5 with the iOS 7 beta, but rather the regular price. For iPhone 5 owners who might have bought their phone prior to this “offer”, the retailers are charging $20 for an installation of iOS 7 on the iPhone 5, and $23 for the iPad. It does not sound like a bad deal, although it should be noted that iOS  7 is currently in its beta form, meaning that there will be features that have yet to be enabled, bugs that have yet to be fixed, and let’s not forget how iOS 7 is reportedly a work in progress, meaning the final design and features could differ from the beta. In any case we’re not sure how legal this offer is, but if you’re in India, you can hit up iCentreIndiaand try your luck!

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