iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanning Technology Reportedly Confirmed In iOS 7 Beta

iphone-5s-nfcWe’ve heard rumors that the iPhone 5S could incorporate fingerprint scanning technology into the device, although what its exact purpose is remains unknown, but security would probably be a good use for it. Admittedly fingerprint scanning technology seems a little odd and would definitely be something new that Apple is trying out, but it looks like those rumors might not be so far-fetched after all! According to the latest iOS 7 beta (via 9to5Mac) as sighted by developer Hamza Sood, a folder titled “BiometricKitUI” was found and according to the description, users would be able to swipe the sensor on the home button to make use of the feature, although it did was not specified that it would related to fingerprint technology, but it definitely sounds like it!

This seems to contradict earlier rumors that suggested that the fingerprint scanner would be embedded in the display of the phone itself. Assuming that this technology will debut in the iPhone 5S, it would be pretty interesting considering that the iPhone “S” models are slight upgrades over their predecessors, as opposed to introducing new hardware features. In any case we expect Apple to announce the iPhone 5S and the iPhone Lite (or iPhone 5C) later this year so hopefully more details will be revealed then!

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