iPhone Found To Be The Most “Social” Device

13.07.23-ShareThisIronically despite how smartphones were designed to keep us connected and social on the go, it has actually led to anti-social behavior around dinner tables and even when out amongst friends. In any case if one were to ignore that unintended consequence, a recent study by ShareThis has actually found that as far as smartphones are concerned, the iPhone has been found to be the most social device. The result of their 30-day study has been posted on their blog and according to their study, they found that iPhone users were the most likely to share content via their smartphone compared to other devices.

According to the numbers, the iPhone racked up 12.4% of users most likely to share while on a device, while the second place went to Android at 7.4%, and third place went to BlackBerry at 6.3%, and interestingly Windows Phone was not part of this study and we have to wonder how it would fare if it were. The numbers were gathered through “social signals” the website received in a bid to better understand sharing patterns. Pretty interesting numbers, but what do you guys think? Does this seem like an accurate conclusion?

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