Microsoft’s Kinect has definitely come a long, long way, since its 2010 release (do check out our hands-on), and it has been hacked to be a boob tracker (of all things!), help out in sign language, and in more recent news, Kinect is even employed by the US Navy to address rape issues, now how about that? Well, since a picture speaks a thousand words, and a video does say a whole lot more than that as it contains a fair number of pictures being shown at a pretty fast rate per second, check out what is shown above. Apparently, Kinect has been employed to create this interesting looking pixel structure.

British artist Luke Jerram managed to come up with a pixel sculpture of Maya, his daughter, using an Xbox Kinect for a full body scan. From a distance away, there will be concerned passers-by who might just decide to question the lone girl, but when they approach ‘her’, she will distort into large pixels that are formed by aluminium and stickers.

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