king-kong-robotThere are robots, and then there are robots. King Kong can be said to be the most famous silverback gorilla ever on the silver screen (now, is that a coincidence or what?), has made his way not to the top of the Empire State Building (although I am tempted to wonder what a modern day equivalent would be, King Kong in the middle of a desert while perched atop the Burj Khalifa?), shaking his fists at aeroplanes that are firing shot after shot at him, but rather, on a theatrical stage.

King Kong is now a musical reality at the Regent Theatre, in Melbourne, Australia, where this is made possible courtesy of a six-meter high robotic puppet. You can attribute this piece of technological art to puppeteer Sonny Tilders, where the 35-strong team has worked tirelessly on this modern day rendition of King Kong. His limbs will be manipulated on stage by 10 specially trained stage circus artists, where they shift his arms and legs using rope, working alongside another trio of off-stage puppeteers for a real realistic performance. Approximately 300 meters of electrical wiring are stuffed within the puppet’s steel and aluminum shell, allowing audiences to recoil in horror whenever Kong lets rip a majestic roar.

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