kite-stickerI know that there is this thing known as nicotine patches, but an anti-mosquito patch? Now that is certainly an idea which is worth looking into, especially for those of us out there who love the great outdoors, and yet seem to attract them pesky mozzies far easier than the rest of the family. Well, the Kite Mosquito patch, currently an Indiegogo project that has long surpassed its goal (and is in its new stretch goal phase now), is touted to be the world’s first product that comprises of non-toxic compounds which have been proven to disrupt the mosquito’s ability to track humans. These non-toxic compounds are safe for us to come into contact with (unlike the aftereffects of a 3D printer, eh?), while functioning as a non-topical, spatial repellent that will block mosquitoes’ ability to detect carbon dioxide.

The first run of Kite Patches will be tested in Uganda before it is optimized for production and released globally. Backers from the US will be the first to receive these Kite Patches right after U.S. EPA approval is gained.

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