typewriter-kremlinThe world is a whole lot more connected these days than you think, and obviously, security breaches do happen from time to time – although some leaks or breaches tend to be a whole lot more weighty than the others. The Kremlin in Russia has decided that they will revert to old-fashioned typewriters so that it minimizes the risk of leaking out sensitive information, where Russia’s Federal Guard Service has already set aside approximately 486,000 roubles ($14,900 after conversion) in order to pick up a bunch of electric typewriters.

Why electric typewriters? Well, all typewriters do come with a unique, individual pattern of type, so assuming there are paper documents that were actually leaked out, tracking down the source is not going to difficult for the boys in the KGB. According to an anonymous source, “After scandals with the distribution of secret documents by WikiLeaks, the exposes by Edward Snowden, reports about Dmitry Medvedev being listened in on during his visit to the G20 summit in London, it has been decided to expand the practice of creating paper documents.”

Will we see the day when we return to pen and paper instead?

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