06fccb2c4bdb0162d85693f15c479f23_largeEarlier this year we reported about a pen called the Lernstift which is basically a pen with a built-in spellcheck function. Pretty cool stuff, right? The pen, in case you might have forgot, attempts to recognize incorrectly spelt words, legibility, and grammatical errors through the detection of writing movements and through its modes which comes in either Calligraphy Mode or Orthography Mode. The good news is that if you thought that this is a great idea and sounds like a legitimate tool that will teach your child, or your young students, how to write and spell accurately, the Lernstift pen has launched a Kickstarter campaign where you can pledge your donation if you want to see it made a reality.

The Lernstift will offer three interchangeable nibs, such as a fountain pen, a ballpoint pen, and a pencil. A community framework will also be set up so that users will be able to add their own words to the pen’s catalog, much like how your phone’s autocorrect will eventually be able to recognize words, slangs, and acronyms that you use in your daily messages which might not necessarily be dictionary-approved. The pen will also come with a statistic app for parents who want to keep track of their child’s progress, and since the pen’s API will be made available for free, developers could potentially create a host of apps that could be used together with the device. For those interested, a pledge of $150 will nab you the device upon its successful funding and release, while a “classroom package” that includes 10 pens, a WiFi router, and a tablet can be had for $2,270.

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