lgpatentsLG has clearly cast their eyes on the future by filing a bunch of trademark applications in South Korea, where these trademark applications do indicate that at least a couple of them will target the wearable technology category, with a smartwatch being one of them. These trademark applications will use the letter “G” in the filings, which would more or less point out to the masses that this is a high end model. After all, LG did mention that from now on, the “Optimus” moniker would not longer stick to their high-end smartphones, having replaced that with a simple “G”.

The G Watch trademark application was made in the watch and mobile phone category, while there was also another application for G Glass in the category which sported glasses as well as mobile phones, which could very well end up as LG’s version of Google Glass. Not only that, other trademark applications include G PAD (under the tablets category), G Hub and G Band. Hmmm, and to think that none of these were applied by a G Man. All right, that is a bad joke, but hey, Monday blues and all that.

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