lovefilmLovefilm has shared with the good people over at Eurogamer that they will no longer make available game rentals via mail in the UK once the calendar date passes August 8th. Apart from that, Lovefilm also did confirm that this particular option would not be made available to new subscribers, and current customers too will be affected by this move earlier as they can no longer add the service. Apparently, this was done on the quiet, as the fact only came under scrutiny and gained attention when someone saw it over at the company FAQ. Hmmm, this goes to show that there are some folks out there who actually read the Company FAQ.

Lovefilm has of course, sent their profuse apologies for the non-communication on their part, with the explanation that this change was implemented because the company wanted to concentrate fully on streaming content instead. It has also promised to contact subscribers sometime “in the very near future” in order to confirm the policy, as well as “strive to communicate directly with our customers” instead of letting them find things out the hard way later on. Yeah, I’d hate to be the consumer in a moment like this for sure.

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