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Man “Rides” Shopping Trolley At Record Breaking 44mph Mark

shopping cart recordMatt McKeown, 52, from Plymouth, has laid his claim to fame and has his 15 minutes under the spotlight by setting a new record as he “rides” a shopping trolley that has been strapped onto a jet engine, and this historical and record breaking ride of his happened on the Santa Pod Raceway in Bedfordshire, where he clocked 44mph (70km/h) on the speedometer.

Mr. McKeown happens to be the owner of Plymouth Karting, where he used this technical know how to stabilize the trolley through the use of go-kart wheels. His record breaking feat did not exactly shatter the previous one, edging it out a wee bit compared to the past 42mph (67km/h) mark. Of course, it is not an official record, and McKeown’s ultimate goal would be to see his frankenstein of a shopping trolley achieve the 60mph (96km/h) mark. Good luck to McKeown in his future endeavors, and hopefully at 60mph, the shopping trolley would still be able to go in a straight line! What are some of the other zanier ideas do you think that you can strap a jet engine to and ride it down a race track?

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