Mom always told me to never play with my food, but of course, being young and foolish, that advice went unheeded until some old school disciplining with the rod and belt proved to have the final word, and these days, my meals go down my throat nice and smooth (after chewing each bite for 40 times, of course) without me rearranging the peas and fries on my plate to cannonballs and cutlasses, using the tomato sauce as a “sea” in a pirate scene. Well, a talented Vine user obviously has a very different mom from mine, where this particular Hunter Harrison used food to recreate scenes from the classic NES video game, Mario Bros.

Armed with Vine and a stocked pantry, Mario is represented by a red fruit snack, where he makes his way through a land that is filled with graham crackers as well as Cheez-Its, not to mention having pennies to collect to boot. The castle at the level? That was created using some delicious looking Chex cereal. Darn, this is one video that has certainly whet my appetite, how about you?

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