Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix DX Hits Japan Arcades

mario-kart-dxSo, Mario Kart 8 that will be heading in the direction of the Nintendo Wii U has apparently been slapped with an April 2014 release, although that remains to be seen. Still, if you cannot wait that long to get your dose of Mario Kart on next generation hardware, perhaps it is time to pay a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan) and check out the Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix DX that will arrive at arcades all over Japan later this month.

This should not come as a surprise to fans of the long-running racing series, as Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix DX happens to be the third entry into the arcade scene. The new arcade cabinets were said to be scheduled at first to arrive in Japan sometime this summer, but it was only at the recent World Hobby Fair 2013 that the world was exposed to the potential scene of players competing against one another in mushroom and shell-fueled races, with 8 “drivers” in total. Apart from the inclusion of new tracks and characters, Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix DX will also sport a range of technical features that will hopefully let an entire family play together. Haven’t you heard? A family that plays together, stays together.

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