xbox-playstation-wall-e3-2013-bRemember yesterday it was reported that a Microsoft exec had called Sony’s boasting of its PS4’s hardware prowess “meaningless”? Obviously it did not sound very nice and Albert Penello has since stepped forward to clarify what he meant. Making a post on the NeoGAF forums, Penello was quoted as saying, “I’m not diminishing Sony’s performance claims and I wasn’t trying to be arrogant or dismissive. What I was trying to say is – I’m not Sony’s engineering team. So I can’t comment on what they have published as specs. I know what our teams are doing, and I know how they thought about architecting the system. The guys who are building these machines (on both sides) are unbelievably talented and experts in their field. Nobody knows the specifics of how the machines are architected or if there may be bottlenecks in one system or accelerators in another that change the impact of the published specs.” Penello also goes on to admit that games on both systems look “awesome”, which we guess is pretty big of him to do so.

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