Microsoft OneNote For iOS And Android Updated With New Features


Microsoft didn’t only release a revamped Skype app today. The company has also released a revamped OneNote app for both iOS and Android. Microsoft says that the apps are based on almost entirely new code, enabling them to offer reliable sync that “just works,” as well as a full-powered OneNote experience. The company has made the app totally free, previously they only let users create 500 notes for free, that restriction has now been lifted.

The new OneNote apps feature rich editing, which basically means that notes’ formatting looks exactly the same across different devices, this include tables with shading and borders, text formatting, layout and more. Even note tags and hyperlinks are consistently supported. Even if users draw on a Windows tablet, their creations will appear on all other devices as well. Office Ribbon UI has been added to OneNote for iPad making it easier for users to design and layout notes as per their preference. It will offer rich formatting options as well, such as text, highlighting and paragraph formatting. Users will also be able to create check lists and tag their notes. Work notebooks can now be shared with Office 365 and SharePoint. The new apps will also let multiple users edit a note simultaneously. The new OneNote for iPad, iPhone/iPod touch and Android is now available for download.

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