Microsoft has been having a rough couple of weeks ever since they unveiled their Xbox One. Shortly after its unveiling, more questions were left unanswered, which the company attempted to answer the majority of the gaming community’s inquiries during E3, but more questions were still circulating around the Xbox One. It looks like Microsoft may be preparing to entice gamers into choosing the Xbox One over competing consoles as CVG is reporting the company is planning on holding an hour-long press conference during Gamescom.

The last time Microsoft held a conference at Gamescom was back in 2005, with the company skipping the European gaming conference altogether. Considering the backlash Microsoft has received over the Xbox One, we can only imagine the reason the company would be holding a press conference at Gamescom would be to further entice those who are either on the fence about buying an Xbox One or those who have outright decided against the console.

As of now, Microsoft has yet to confirm or deny this report, so at this point, all we can say is to sit tight and wait to see what the company announces in the coming weeks. Gamescom takes place between August 21 – 25, so there’s still a bit of time for Microsoft to make their announcement regarding their attendance to the big European show.

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