Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has been the butt of many jokes in the past, with many users switching to alternatives such as Mozilla’s Firefox, Opera, and Google’s Chrome, just to name a few. Microsoft has since been trying to rebrand their browser in hopes that users will no longer see the browser in the negative light that has been shone upon it in the past. In any case Microsoft has since released a new advertisement for Internet Explorer, and while the ad does not actually tout any of the new features and “benefits” that are associated with Internet Explorer, it basically tries to tell the user that “things aren’t always what they seem”.

Personally I think the ad is trying to tell everyone that Internet Explorer isn’t what you think it is anymore, and that things can change for the better. Either way if you have a minute to spare, check it out in the video above. In the meantime what do you guys think? Has Internet Explorer really changed for the better, or do you think it will take a lot more before we start seeing more significant shifts from third-party browsers back to Internet Explorer?

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