modaco-switchThere is nothing quite like the beauty of having options. After all, we are creatures that are most comfortable and happy when we get to choose. Imagine living through life as though you were but a robot, and you had not choice whatsoever. That would certainly be a dreary and bleak existence, don’t you think so? With the HTC One, however, you will be able to choose to run your device on two different sets of software thanks to the wonders of MoDaCo.SWITCH. Instead of having to go nuts wondering whether you should take the HTC Sense route by picking up a model from HTC, or to pick up one from the Google Play Store that gives you the HTC One Google Play Edition experience, the MoDaCo.SWITCH would be able to solve this conundrum, as it lets you have your proverbial cake and eat it, too.

This particular software has one drawback, however, and that is, it would consume a whole lot of storage space on your device compared to running a regular ROM, and chances are it will require you to reboot your handset – a pain in this day and age where rebooting a smartphone might take longer than your SSD-equipped Ultrabook. Word has it that a Galaxy S4 version is in the pipeline due to the adequate amount of community demand.

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1920x1080 TFD LCD
469 PPI
~$150 - Amazon
4 MP
F2.0 Aperture
143 g
2300 mAh
No Wireless Charg.
Launched in
Snapdragon 600 + None
Storage (GB)
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