BlackBerry-9720-3Rumored specifications for the upcoming BlackBerry A10 flagship smartphone from BlackBerry have been making their rounds today, but frankly, it does seem as though taking sides with BlackBerry would take a whole lot of faith. Again, here is a quick refresher – the BlackBerry A10 is said to arrive with a 5” Super AMOLED touchscreen display that will be more generous visually than the one found on the BlackBerry Z10.

It should also come with a better looking form factor and industrial design, where a dual-core processor would run proceedings from within, because BlackBerry is not quite yet ready to make the move to the quad-core bandwagon. It remains unclear whether this is due to concerns surrounding battery life or the lack of software optimization, but either way, do not expect it to tear up benchmark results anytime soon. It has also been said that the main focus of the BlackBerry A10 would be gaming, which is rather surprising since BlackBerry has a long and rich tradition of being a business-oriented device. It seems as though BlackBerry is going to remain at least one step behind the rest of the industry leaders with the BlackBerry A10. Do you agree? What you see above is the alleged BlackBerry 9720.

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